Air Canada says it will adhere to Quebec’s Bill 96

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Air Canada has announced it will voluntarily register with the Office québécois de la langue francaise in accordance with the Charter of the French Language. The air carrier said the decision comes after months of talks with the OQLF.

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Last Thursday, Canadian National Railway said it, too, would register with the OQLF in accordance with Bill 96.

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In a three-sentence statement made public by Air Canada on Monday, the air carrier said it was proud of its commitment to the French language in Quebec and throughout its global network. The Montreal-based company said its decision reflects its desire to contribute to the protection, promotion and influence of the French language in compliance with the Official Languages ​​Act, which applies to the carrier.

Quebec French Language Minister Jean-François Roberge praised CN’s decision to join the francization process along with a majority of other federally regulated companies in the province that have more than 50 employees. The minister said he hoped the announcement by CN, another Montreal-based company, would encourage the remaining companies to follow suit.

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