How to Get On Disability for a Traumatic Brain Injury

Disability benefits are a lifeline for those who have suffered a TBI due to an accident at work, a serious auto accident, or a defective product.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Considered a Disability?

Traumatic Brain Injuries are usually caused by a major head injury that damages the brain itself, rather than just the surface. TBIs can cause a variety of symptoms, some of which are not immediately apparent and others are difficult to prove.

It can be difficult to get disability benefits because of the complexity of symptoms and their varying severity. The Social Security Administration recognizes traumatic brain injury as a debilitating condition. Although rehabilitation can improve the condition over time there is no guarantee that brain-damaged victims will recover completely. Many TBI victims will never be able to work full-time again.

The following are some of the life-changing effects that traumatic brain injury can have on a person:

  • Cognitive Symptoms: The main and most significant effects of a traumatic head injury are problems with reasoning, problem-solving, and short-term and long-term memories. This can make it difficult to remember information, organize tasks, or manage general daily responsibilities such as managing a household or keeping a job.
  • Behavioral symptoms TBIs can cause behavioral and emotional changes. The victim is literally “no more themselves”. They can become irritable and aggressive, show poor judgment, and have trouble maintaining relationships.
  • Physical Symptoms: Brain injury is not only mental or emotional but can also cause physical limitations which affect the victim’s abilities to work, drive or do normal activities. Chronic headaches, balance problems that make it difficult to walk without assistance, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping are just a few of the symptoms.

Social Security disability benefits may ease your financial burden after a brain injury severe enough to keep you from working. They can also give you some peace of mind. Legal representation can help you navigate the legal process, understand the stages, and make informed decisions. It will also help you prepare a claim that demonstrates the full extent of symptoms.

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