Texas mass murder allegedly by illegal immigrant fodder for Biden impeachment, attorney argues

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell called for President Biden’s impeachment and claimed there was “blood on [the administration’s] hands” after a five-time-deported illegal immigrant was arrested as a suspect in a Texas mass murder case late Tuesday.

Francisco Oropesa, the mass shooting suspect accused of killing five neighbors including an 8-year-old child in Cleveland, Texas, was taken into custody on Tuesday,
Oropesa, 38, was taken into custody in the Cleveland area by the Border Patrol Tactical Unit.

On “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity argued that Biden has defied his oath of office in “aiding and abetting in the lawbreaking by allowing these people into this country illegally.” He pointed to reports that illegal immigrants are being offered anything from free cell phones to free interstate transportation, as well as preferential treatment during COVID.

“I think you just drafted the first article of impeachment for Joe Biden because Joe Biden has failed to uphold his constitutional duty… he should be impeached,” Terrell. “Basically, this administration has blood on its hands.”


Terrell contrasted Biden’s open border policy with the stringent confines of former President Donald Trump’s programs, saying the border was much more secure under Trump.

“And that’s what is missing,” Terrell added. “Besides what’s going on, [Biden] has basically opened the door to the drug cartel, sex trafficking, fentanyl.”

As the president of the United States is tasked with protecting the homeland and its citizenry from “foreign and domestic enemies,” Terrell said Biden has “abandoned” that oath in failing to protect from “foreign enemies” such as criminal illegal aliens.

Terrell separately ripped New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams for what he said was pulling “the ultimate race card” when he accused the Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of targeting “Black mayors” with his busloads of illegals, as the Lone Star State grapples with being on the frontlines of the crisis.


Leo Terrell California Green Agenda

“He’s using the race card to deflect from his incompetence. He is an absolutely horrific major. And when you talk about LA, Chicago, where there’s other black mayors, why do you think people are leaving? Because these are horrible Democratic mayors who talk a game of sanctuary city but don’t want the burden,” Terrell said

He called out several liberal mayors including Los Angeles’ Karen Bass and District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Later on “Hannity,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suggested the border crisis and escalating crime problem across the United States are connected.

“I’ve been predicting this for a long time. This is going to happen more and more,” he said, appearing to reference Oropesa’s arrest.


“The Biden administration is inviting these people in. They’re working with the cartels to bring them here. Then they take them, and they transport them around,” Paxton said.

He said Biden has “no desire” to enforce federal laws or take seriously his “constitutional role.”

“That’s a really sad statement on where we’re headed,” Paxton said, adding he fears the worst when the Trump-era Title 42 public health immigration protection goes away imminently.

“We’re expecting the worst influx of illegal immigration that we’ve ever seen in this country.”

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