Ed Sheeran copyright case: Songwriter’s lawyer points to ‘smoking gun’

Musician Ed Sheeran was in Manhattan federal court Tuesday as a copyright infringement trial got underway involving alleged similarities between his Grammy-winning song “Thinking Out Loud” and the Marvin Gaye classic “Let’s Get It On.”

Sheeran, seated in a dark suit and tie at the defense table, listened to the opening statements in the case, which was brought forth by the heirs to “Let’s Get It On” co-writer Ed Townsend.

“If you remember nothing else about this trial, about this case, simply remember it is about giving credit where credit is due,” said renowned civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who

What is Communication & modes of Communication under the Indian Contract Act?

According to Section 2(h) of the Indian Contract Act 1872, An agreement enforceable by law is a contract. Before a contract comes into existence the promisor has to signify his willingness and a promise has to signify his assent. It, therefore, becomes necessary to explain what is meant by such signification and what should be the mode of the same.

To bring into notice the willingness or assent of the parties to enter into a contract one needs to communicate. This mode of communication can be postal or instantaneous. Section 3 of the Indian Contract Act states that communication can


Entrepreneur is the one who has the ability to develop, administer, run and organize a new business while bearing most of the risks to make profit. The word entrepreneur derives from the Latin word ‘prendere’ meaning to ‘take’ thus: entrepreneur is the one who takes risks.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the nation. An entrepreneur uses all his abilities of leadership, rationality, innovation, bravery, creativity, independence and decision making. Entrepreneur is the person; entrepreneurship is the process of initiating a new business while enterprise is the object. An entrepreneur not only reduces risks but also increases the likelihood of success.