Hunter Biden lawyers to meet with Justice Department officials next week as scrutiny of investigation intensification


Lawyers for Hunter Biden are scheduled to meet next week with US attorney David Weiss and at least one senior career official from Justice Department headquarters to discuss the long-running investigation into the president’s son, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

The Hunter Biden legal team had reached out to Justice officials in recent weeks, asking for an update on the case. As is routine, when lawyers request a status update, they were invited to meet next week, according to one source familiar with the meeting.

Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, is overseeing an ongoing criminal case into President Joe Biden’s son.

After prosecutors narrowed down the possible charges Hunter Biden could face last year, there haven’t been any public developments. According to sources familiar with the investigation, prosecutors are still weighing whether to bring two misdemeanor charges for failure to file taxes, one count of felony tax evasion related to the overreporting of expenses, and a false statement charge regarding a gun purchase.

The Justice Department did not comment. A spokesperson for the US attorney’s office in Delaware declined to comment.

Hunter Biden has not been charged with any crimes and has previously denied any wrongdoing.

The scheduled meeting comes as the Hunter Biden legal probe is back in the spotlight after an IRS supervisory special agent reached out to Congress, claiming to have information about alleged mishandling and political interference in the case. While a letter from the agent’s lawyer to Congress does not name Hunter Biden, as that could be a violation of the tax code, a source familiar with the matter previously told CNN that the case is the one involving the president’s son.

The agent is seeking whistleblower protection to share the information with Congress, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

The special agent also claims to have information that contradicts Attorney General Merrick Garland’s testimony before Congress, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. “I have pledged not to interfere with that investigation, and I have carried through on my pledge,” Garland testified in March.

Garland said at that hearing that Weiss had “full authority” to carry out the investigation and to bring in another jurisdiction if necessary. Garland said Weiss was “not to be denied anything that he needs.”

The IRS agent worked on Hunter Biden’s criminal case and contends that the president’s son is being treated differently than other individuals would be in terms of violations of the tax code, sources familiar with the agent’s allegations said. The agent reported up the chain of command about his concerns of the treatment of Hunter Biden’s returns and tax filings, one of the sources added.

Congressional committees are in active conversations about when and how to interview the whistleblower. The IRS agent’s team wants him to do one interview with the committees, and have Democrats and Republicans present for it, the source said.

In recent months, as Republicans took control of the House and the federal case appeared to stall, Hunter Biden’s legal team decided to pursue a more aggressive and litigious approach to his defense, despite what one source as objections from top White House advisers. For example, one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers recently sued former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler, accusing him of harassment. Hunter Biden’s team has also been accused in court of a Delaware computer repair shop owner of trying to invade Hunter Biden’s privacy and wrongfully share his personal data for political purposes.

CNN has reached out to Ziegler for comment.

Sources close to Hunter Biden have attacked the IRS agent’s motives and note that even if the whistleblower had evidence of the investigation being mishandled, it would be about government conduct and not about Hunter Biden.

The IRS agent’s allegations are primarily focused on improper politicization of the case at the Justice Department and FBI instead of at the Treasury Department or IRS, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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